On motivationspeaker.net you will get to know what it takes to become a sucessful motivationspeaker. Further more we will help you to get to events and network in the world of speakers. We will show you how you get your first customers and how to set yourself on the market to succeed. There are many mistakes a beginner can make esspecially when starting out.


First of all

An important question is what is YOUR motivation to start out as a motivationspeaker? Is it just the money and fame or do you have other ambitions? It essential you have a good answer to this question before you start hustling. We are saying that because it will take some time before you get so much gigs that you can earn a fortune and a living out of it.

And there are easier ways to earn a lot of money. So do you have a certain message you want to bring out to the world and you want to have a positive impact on people? That's what we are looking for! With this atitude you are ready to take risks and sacrifices to achieve your goals.

So make sure that you want it for the right reason before you start!


Do you have a specific plan or imaginations on how this will or can go for you in the next one or two years? Being a motivationspeaker means being on tour a lot of time. So it's important to maintain a good organization schedule and sticking to it.

Sooner or later you will get a lot of gigs. So you have to organize yourself. Maybe an assistant can help you out with it so that you can focus on the core business. That's important for growing in the right way and with the right speed. When it comes to being a solopreneur or entrepreneur, you can't be Jack of all Trades. You have to focus on what you're good at!


How much money customers are willing to pay for your services depends on how big and good your personal brand is. Normally you start with very small gigs so you will not become a millionaire that fast.

But time isn't the only variable in this case. You can be in the business for 20 years and not getting paid the right amount of money. You also have to know how to sell yourself the best way. Like when having a good product it doesn't depend on quality but on the brand and reputation of it.

This is typical for products with a registered trademark and a good brand. Customers will pay much more for your product even if there are cheaper products with the same quality. Your style, your ideas, your way of speaking and teaching is unique and you have to put great value on it.

On this way you will make it!


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